A Few Pictures Of Miley

I got bored so I decided to share with you guys a few of my favorite pictures of Miley! 🙂

Miley Cyrus 23Wrecking Ball

Wrecking ball

I hope you liked these as much as I do! 🙂


David Jason Slams Miley Cyrus

Well folks it was only a matter of time before people started taking shots at Miley jealous of her success and fame she has garnered recently. But why David Jason has recently taken shots at Miley is still unclear and leaves some people bewildered. It seems a very weird subject to go on even though I have no idea who David Jason is but it made news so we will see what he said. He didn’t hold back either he slammed her like no other and basically went off on a tangent. Its a good thing he has not seen the Miley Cyrus sex tape yet because that would have added more fuel to the fire and basically started a celebrity uproar. I’m guessing it wouldn’t have been pretty, Oh and if you don’t know who David Jason is I included a picture of him below, Scary right? 🙂

Sir David Jason - UKTV Drama launch, June 27, 2013Miley Cyrus Naked


David held nothing back in his fiery rampage stating:

“Miley Cyrus epitomises what we have allowed,”

“She has done it to break the mould. I can understand why, but we have given her the oxygen of publicity and encouraged it, so young girls will think it is the right way to attract men. We’ve lost our standards.

“Once upon a time if you said this or did that, you’d be off the air. They wouldn’t dare show it” “There’s a sex scene in pretty much every single movie, and they go, ‘Well, that’s a character’. Well, that’s a character,” she revealed.

“I don’t really dress as a teddy bear and, like, twerk on Robin Thicke, you know?”

“It slowly drip feeds, erodes standards of politeness, manners and morality,” he continued.

“It just drips and it takes us further and further down, and instead of inspiring us to look up, we are all going down.”

Man he really went off on a tangent didn’t he? Actually I’m surprised by the last few statements commenting on her VMA performance and how she twerked on Robin Thicke and dressed like a teddy bear. Actually David she was not dressed as a teddy bear, she was in a skin color two piece, a very tight one at that. With two tight buns up in her new short hair. To be honest I prefer her with her old long brown hair. It looked a lot better on her. The hair she had in the Miley Cyrus sex tape was the brown hair and she looks very sexy with it. Go check out http://insidercelebvideos.com/mileycyrussextape if you are interested in seeing Miley suck on a fat cock for free!

Guess What I Found? Miley Cyrus Nude!

We all should know who Miley Cyrus is now these days and if you don’t I really have no idea where you have been this past year. 2013 was basically the year of Miley Cyrus with exception to rap artist Drake but they are in totally different realms of music. Miley was pasted all over the news, social media, TV, and even your home newspaper. She knew what she was doing and the media ate her up like a fucking chocolate dinner on thanksgiving. Just show a little skin and all cameras were on her was her motto. But enough of that rant lets get on to the juicy stuff.

Miley’s Transition Into Nudity

It all started with her 2013 VMA performance, and ever since then she has gone further and further with how much skin she showed to get attention. Wearing skimpy pieces of clothing, shaving her head, and behaving slutty like a stripper on a pole. Shes to a point now where she basically has done everything within nudity limits so i guess he is experimenting with showing her actual private parts. Low and behold i have found (i think) the first real photo of Miley Cyrus nude with her little tiny a cup boobs hanging out. They look almost like deflated man boobs from a guy that just lost 300 pounds. At least she keeps it and them real literally right? I have attached the photo below feel free to click on it and download it or whatever you need to do. I don’t supply the Kleenex or hand lotion though sorry. Its weird though, I knew she only had little dinkers but she does have a big areola around her actual nipple which is odd but we are talking about Miley Cyrus here.

Miley Cyrus Nude

Isn’t it great? Besides the fact that she looks like a guy that has man boobs its not a bad start for her. I would tan those up a bit so they don’t look like marshmallows with big red eyes on them. Why is she wearing a clear shirt anyway? Miley one word of advice please keep those things away next time we do not want to see your body or any part of it not covered it up. Oh and I got one more picture for you right now, this one comes straight out of the ratchetness hemisphere in left field. It is Miley fully nude holding in her small breast in her hands trying to cover them up. We call can only wonder why she is naked in the first place though right.

Miley Cyrus Nude

If you want to see more of Miley and even a sex tape you can go check out this awesome site that holds all the secrets to Mileys ratchet ass. The site is InsiderCelebVideos and they also have some other celebs on there that they have collected pictures and videos on. Good Luck!

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